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Message:  BISHOP DR. LESLIE MORGAN        To god be the glory, great things he hath done.  To all bishops, pastors, ministers, delegates of different denominations and religions, brethren and friends, I bring you greetings from THE SEARCH OF LIFE CHURCH OF GOD, 472 SOUTH THIRD AVE, MOUNT VERNON, NEW YORK, 10550.   

         Presently the church is going through trial times; the omens are increasing and the signs of the time are everywhere.  The hearts of men are becoming more and more desperately wicked. The dilemma of recession and the national as well as global catastrophe of violence and confusion are evident among us.  But if we all continue to hold fast to prayer and fasting our homes, school, churches as well as communities can make a feasible difference for the future of our children as well as the family at large.   'It is said that the hands that rocks the cradle rules the world. "      Faith is now the only weapon that will propelled us to victory after all the attacks both mental as well as emotional attacks from the enemy. Let us break the shackles of complacency and revive the dead works we once started.

         May we all seek God  and let the spirit that passeth all blessing and understanding enriched our souls as we continue to trust him and seek his face.  May God bless us all.